It seems some people just don’t get it. High school and college students want to attend sporting events on their campus, or as close to it as possible. Too far away, many choose to not attend because it seems more like an away rather than a home game.

Look at the student crowds at Bettendorf, Pleasant Valley, or North Scott High Schools – students fill the stands. Compare their team support to attendance by West, North and Central students at the Brady street field. Compare Ambrose with Augustana and you find the same – less attendance.

Unless you grew up in Davenport, you probably were able to attend football games on the campus of the school you attended in both high school and college.

Another stadium on the riverfront will not provide an improvement over Brady Street. It would still too far from campus to entice students to attend and controlled by the city, not the schools.

Davenport city council should support the St. Ambrose project. The Davenport school board should sell Brady Street Stadium, and then build a football and track stadium at each high school. Better teams and better attendance make for an improved school experience.

John Stevens