Voters should ask Republican and Democratic candidates who support the Rock Island Clean Line why they are helping three billionaire RICL owners take Iowans’ farmland. Other Iowa transmission lines follow existing corridors or state highways, but this private company will be asking for the right to condemn Iowa farmland within a 375-mile, 16-county area.

Building the Rock Island Clean Line will add more millions to the Ziff brothers' billions, but not add a spark of electricity for Iowans to use; it would all be going to Chicago and points east.

 A May 22, 2012 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission document lists the RICL’s five levels of ownership: “Rock Island is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rock Island Wind Line LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clean Line Energy Partners LLC. The majority owner of Clean Line Partners is ZAM Ventures LP, the principal investment vehicle for ZBI Ventures LLC. ZBI Ventures LLC is described as focused on long-term investments in the energy sector and is a subsidiary of Ziff Brothers Investments LLC.”

Why five levels? Protection from lawsuits or taxes?

 A 2012 Forbes list of Aspen, Colorado billionaires said the Ziff brothers (Dirk, Robert and Daniel) are each worth $4.2 billion.

 Do you think the Ziff Brothers would allow Iowa farmers to condemn their Aspen property to build cattle feedlots?

 Please vote against any Democrat or Republican who supports these RICL billionaires instead of fellow Iowans.


Jim Doorley

Iowa City