Neighbors of the proposed St. Ambrose University athletic and recreation project have been vocal and active. They should be admired for their willingness to get involved.

Hopefully they have noticed that St. Ambrose has been thorough in responding to the concerns. I urge neighbors and anyone else interested in the project to check out the information available at

University officials have done their homework, asking consultants for reports about the neighborhood impacts of lighting, storm water and runoff, property values, noise, traffic and parking.

The reports are informative. For example, lighting technology can focus lighting within the stadium for the few nights each year when nighttime events are scheduled. Sound systems can be engineered to eliminate the spread of the sound. Storm water can be monitored through storage and controlled release. In fact, St. Ambrose is already experienced with such a runoff control system at its Health Sciences Building.

St. Ambrose University is trying to make this important project “neighborhood friendly.”

St. Ambrose University and our other local universities and colleges are important economic forces in the region. This project will help St. Ambrose recruit students, who in turn, help sustain the region’s economy.

What is right for our local colleges is usually right for the region. St. Ambrose has thoroughly researched this project and we hope others will. It is a project that will be good for St. Ambrose University and good for our communities.

Craig Cooper


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proof you do know how to use a computer? you can look on the this towns web page it lists how much taxes each residence pays. DUH.


beman101, please supply proof of your allegations. SAU has already willingly shared the results of third-party studies showing the impact (or, more appropriately, lack thereof) of the proposed project, so until you supply proof of your allegations I do not take them seriously.


SAU is not a good neighbor. they are a bully that buys what they want. and does not pay their fair share for services.

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