As a liberal who voted twice for Obama, I have now reached a point of opposition to him. One of my reasons is a resentment of his having played the race card too many times. The result is that his presidency is hurting race relations.

Another of my reasons is that he shows no knowledge of how to create jobs for minorities or anyone else, but he knew how to bail out the big banks, and he knew how not to prosecute any of their officials.

Also, Obama expanded provisions of the Patriot Act, and illegal surveillance has occurred on his watch. Until he shows a desire for reform, whistle blowers will continue to blow his cover.

He continues to show ineptitude in managing our foreign policy in the Middle East. To make matters worse, he has protracted the war in Afghanistan.

Despite his rhetoric decrying the demise of the middle class, he has done them few favors with Obamacare. The poor get subsidies, the rich remain secure, but there is no subsidy for a vast chunk of the middle class. Should middle class people continue to take it on the chin, one more election with the same result could vanquish us.

Having erred in my vote in the last two elections, I will think long and hard before I select Hillary or any other candidate of either party. My trust has been eroded.

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Terry Fortman

Rock Island