Being a former St. Ambrose student athlete, a former St. Ambrose coach, and a two-time St. Ambrose alumnus leads me to care a great deal about the new St. Vincent Center development. Does this mean that I trust the St. Ambrose administration a little more when they talk about all the studies they have completed and the results? Yes, it does, and that is because in my 13 years of being associated with the university, they have never done anything to make me feel any differently.

When St. Ambrose says this project will not be a burden on the neighborhood, but rather, it will improve the quality of life for those around the athletic complex, I believe them. All of the campus renovations that have been made in my time have done just that – improved the quality of life for SAU students and the area surrounding the university.

This the-sky-is-falling mentality that the neighbors have is just childish. Things are changing and they can’t accept that. I look forward to 10 years from now when this project has been long completed and the neighbors are the ones who use it on a daily basis to walk or run on the track or bring their children to soccer and football games.

I cannot wait for the day they realize, “Wow, I sure am glad they ignored my short-sightedness 10 years ago and improved our neighborhood with these great amenities.”

Jim Finn




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Normally I just don't care about SAU athletics. I would probably never have gone to the new stadium and had an enjoyable life nonetheless. But then these irrational neighbors with grandiose conspiracy theories started their chirping. Now I kind of want to visit and support the school and new stadium just on principle. Thanks for giving me a reason to support the project, NIMBY crowd.


Kudos to that Jim.

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