Folks, I hope everyone takes the time to look up which of our elected officials voted Obamacare into law. If you bother to check, all Senate Democrats voted yes and all Senate Republicans voted no. Obamacare passed by a narrow margin in the Senate. In the House, 219 Democrats and one Republican voted yes and 39 Democrats and 176 Republicans voted no.

Look up your elected senators and representatives and vote for someone else if they voted yes for this boondoggle. Who would pass a law so we could see what's in it? Anyone with a brain should read any bill before it's passed, so we don't get something like this.

No one who voted for this law deserves to be in office. It's time to put people in Washington who will do what's right for the country and get us back on track to what the United States used to be. Wake up, America, before it's too late! Career politicians have to go!

Forrest Erickson

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