Women of Iowa, let’s make history in March 2014 by running multiple (60-70) women, so that Iowa can reach the goal of having 45 women, including incumbents, serve in the Iowa Legislature. Presently, 35 women serve in the Iowa Legislature. The organization 50-50 in 2020, will be sponsoring “The Blueprint for Winning Academy” in January 2014 to teach women candidates and campaign managers techniques on how to win. This is a bipartisan initiative for 1ƒ days with major speakers addressing such items as campaign strategy, communication skills, fundraising, PAC committees, and volunteer coordination. Our long-range goal is to have women be 50 percent of the Iowa Legislature by the year 2020.

Women of Iowa, we want you. You need to be at the table with your male colleagues to discuss education, health care, jobs, the environment, all issues you look at with a different lens than men. You understand these issues because you deal with them every day. You know how to make things happen and how to compromise because you do that every day in your families and in your communities. Studies show that when women make up a third of the decision makers in an organization, the conversation becomes more civil, a wider range of opinions are considered, and the decision is more pragmatic. Our state needs your help. Please consider running for an elected office in the state Legislature. We will help you.

Let’s make history next March when Women’s History Month comes around!

Maggie Tinsman

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