SPRINGFIELD — The Green Party candidate for Illinois governor sent a desperate plea for donations to his supporters this week, saying his campaign is strapped for cash.

“Circumstances force me to be blunt: My campaign is REALLY hurting for money right now,” Rich Whitney said in a letter. “Just when we need to be peaking, so that we can get some radio and cable TV ads and buy yard and window signs, and numerous other essentials, we are instead scraping the bottom of the barrel.”

Whitney, a Carbondale lawyer making his second bid for the state’s highest office, is hoping to get enough money to take his message to television and radio.

But for now, with less than seven weeks before voters cast their ballots, Whitney is asking for supporters to keep his campaign up and running.

“We have kind of an immediate cash-flow crisis, let’s put it that way,” Whitney said in an interview Wednesday.

He posted his plea to his Facebook page, and Whitney says he’s gotten some responses.

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Whitney says his current money shortage won’t necessarily keep him from buying ads later. 

But, he said, he’s behind other candidates who already are getting their names on the air.

“Maybe I should have done this a few weeks ago,” Whitney said.

The other high-profile candidate the governor’s race, Scott Lee Cohen, appears to have no money problems, a fact Whitney lamented. Cohen, a pawn-shop owner who’s been accused of domestic violence and steroid abuse, is using his personal fortune to run his campaign.