CHICAGO — Imprisoned ex-Gov. George Ryan is scheduled to be released to a Chicago halfway house at the end of January.

Ryan attorney Albert Alschuler says Ryan will leave prison Jan. 30 through a work release program, something attorneys have mentioned before. The federal Bureau of Prisons website lists Ryan’s official release date as July 4. The 78-year-old Ryan is serving a 6 ½-year sentence in Terre Haute, Ind., for a 2006 corruption conviction.

Attorneys say it’s been difficult because Ryan’s wife died while he was incarcerated and he has no money.

Ryan was convicted of steering state contracts and leases to insiders in exchange for vacations and gifts while he was in office. He was accused of stopping an investigation into state employees accepting bribes in exchange for truck driver’s licenses.

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In federal prison you always serve 85% of your sentence and you almost always get 6 months in a half-way house to transition into the community. He being treated just like anyone else by the Bureau of Prisons.


writingmomma - What are you talking about???? He was sentenced to 61/2 years and should get out July 4 - instead he will get out Jan 30th - which is 6 months early. He serviced 6 years out of 61/2 which is more then most criminals would service.


You see, here goes a slap on the wrist. If this were anyone else, they would have to serve their sentences. Looks like crime does pay for some and not others.


He's 78 years old, broke, and going to live in a work house. I think he is continuing to pay for those vacations and gifts he received.


Anyone else would have been release after two years he served 6 years of a 6`1/2 year sentence and most child abusers don't serve that much time not even murders. So what’s your beef he is a old man and will die soon.

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