SPRINGFIELD — Gov. Pat Quinn isn't saying if he's going to sign off on a plan that would allow Illinoisans to cruise along rural interstate highways at 70 mph.

Despite winning overwhelming support in the House and Senate this spring, the Democrat from Chicago told reporters Friday that he continues to review the legislation.

"Anytime we deal with our roads, we want to make sure we look at everything and review it carefully," Quinn said.

Illinois is among 16 states with a maximum 65-mph limit. Thirty-four states have a maximum speed limit of 70 mph or more.

During debate in the General Assembly this spring, supporters said bringing the state in line with its neighbors would help commercial truckers deliver their goods. The measure was sponsored in the Senate by state Sen. Jim Oberweis, a suburban Chicago milk and ice cream magnate.

Opponents, most of them from Chicago, as well as the state police and Quinn's transportation agency, said the higher speed would kill people.

Quinn, who spoke with reporters at the opening of the Illinois State Fair, wouldn't say if the safety aspect was his prevailing concern.

"We look at everything," he said.

If Quinn vetoes the legislation, it may not stop the speed limit from rising on Jan. 1.

The measure sailed through the House and Senate with veto-proof majorities.

The legislation is Senate Bill 2356.


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