SPRINGFIELD — A new report is raising questions about Republican efforts to enact tougher voter identification laws in Illinois.

According to News21, a national investigative reporting project funded by the Carnegie Corp. and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, of the 23 voter fraud cases logged in Illinois over the past 12 years, none has been related to someone impersonating someone else at the polls.

“The ‘rampant’ voter fraud alarm has been exposed as a myth and a deliberate falsehood,” said Michael Del Galdo, a Berwyn attorney who specializes in legislative efforts to address election fraud. “Having no cases of voter impersonation fraud here in Illinois in 12 years speaks for itself regarding the scope of the ‘problem.’”

The report comes as GOP lawmakers in Illinois and other states have been pushing proposals to require voters to show a driver’s license or state identification card to election judges before voting.

Among them is state Rep. Rich Morthland, a Cordova Republican who says voters need ID cards to drive and cash checks.

“What’s wrong with making this activity more secure?” he asked.

“Illinois is legendary for voter fraud. It seems surprising there isn’t more,” Morthland added.

State Rep. Bill Mitchell, R-Forsyth, also has introduced a voter ID proposal that is languishing in the Democratic-controlled Illinois House.

He said he patterned the legislation after an Indiana voter ID law that has passed constitutional muster.

“I don’t think it’s asking too much for someone to carry a photo ID,” Mitchell said.

According to a recent poll by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale,

9.4 percent of registered voters said they don’t have a current state-issued photo identification card and couldn’t show one at polling places if it were required to cast a ballot.

Of those, 14.6 percent were people with high school educations or lower, 16.2 percent were African Americans, 13.4 percent were voters younger than 35 and 14 percent were those in households with incomes below $50,000 annually.

Del Galdo said the low number of voter fraud cases indicates that lawmakers in Illinois and elsewhere could spend their time dealing with other issues.

“(T)he numbers of cases involved in each state over a 12-year period is so negligible that the issue hardly merits mention by responsible officials,” he said.

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just curious

The potus told us that al quaeda is on the way to obscurity - remember that? September 11, 2012 certainly blew that out of the water. Major players in the admin have publicly stated that the murders in Libya were a result of some youtube thing and now the truth comes out that those folks were providing a cover-up to try to preserve the message that al quaeda is on the way to obscurity. Now the State of Illinois - the most recent home of the potus -is saying that voter fraud is not "big" in Illinois.Hogwash! One case is too many and like any other illegal act, seems to spread. Let's stop it BEFORE it becomes "big".

Hmmm - yep, and 9/11/2001 never happened, right?

The numbers are down - not even news to people that read the news. 11 years ago, there were several hundred - now the number is not even a third.

Yawn - chicken little, the sky is not falling.

Are you claiming 23 cases (2.3 per year) is a lot? You need to learn to count. There are 300 million voters in the US. 2.3 people is a lot? Seriously? The total number of proven voter fraud was 96 for the entire country.....over 10 years......

Your comments are hogwash.

You'll note that out of the 23 cases, not one case would have been stopped by a photo ID.

Still waiting for you and your friends to figure out how you are going to implement this without violating the 24th amendment - since Indiana tried - and failed.

I'd worry more about you voting for a man who admitted he's guilty of criminal assault.


Really? 23 cases in 12 years?
If anyone believes that voter fraud is not a problem in Illinois - I have a prison to sell you!
In the past year alone, Illinois paid out $2 Million dollars in unemployment fraud to prisoners
who did not deserve it.
And we are to trust THIS study to be correct?
I don't think so!

Believe what you want. The Department of Justice confirms this, and confirmed it under the Bush administration as well.

senor citizen

Why would anyone believe anything that comes out of Springfield? That's like believing IL politics are honest and above board, or Chicago is crime free.


The level of feigned outrage over the notion that we should provide ID to exercise the single most important act of citizenship tells you how much the democrats need to continue the status quo. We can't know the level of voter fraud. We DO know about the incidents of over a hundred voters being registered to a single address. Once the votes are cast and counted they are NEVER thrown out. I want to know my vote is not being negated by an illegal voter. We had a story last week about an immigrant who admitted voting, not realizing she wasn't eligible to vote. Her vote was counted and it probably canceled my vote. All of the people who are supposedly disenfranchised by voter ID have no problem providing ID to get public benefits or transportation to the public offices to get those benefits. They provide ID to buy liquor or tobacco. It is absurd to be arguing about this.

How ignorant are you? You are already required to get a voter's registration card and present it to vote. Your county is responsible for it. Are you that ignorant that you forgot about this?

As far as your blatant lies regarding providing ID to get transportation, that's flat out BS. Just as your claims to file for public benefits.

And speaking of completely idiotic - voting is a right guaranteed under the constitution. Liquor and tobacco not only do not require ID, but they are not a constitutional right.

Keep lying, alphamale / dog / Omega / Steve McQueen.....

Mitchell better read the court ruling on the Indiana case. It actually states that if a voter does not have an ID to vote, they still vote, and they have 10 days to either produce it, or claim they are unable to produce an ID. At that point the vote is counted anyway. In a state where 10 percent of the voters could not produce an ID, and a 10 day delay could impact national elections? Seriously? Mitchell better get back to school. It violates the 24th amendment to charge to vote - which, is what the photo ID card does. It's not mandatory in Indiana, as he claims.

23 cases of voter fraud over 10 years? 2.3 per year? Not hardly worth the cost of issuing out photo ID's to all voters at a cost of up to100 dollars per person.

And neither of these buffoons realize we already have voter registration cards, issued at county expense, and required for county voting. Tax and spend republicans!

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