DES MOINES — Gov. Terry Branstad is calling for the release of a 500-page investigation that led to the firing of a state agent.

Additionally, the governor said he wants a review of the 3,200 license plates that cannot be picked up by traffic cameras, and he has directed his Iowa State Patrol drivers to stay within the speed limit “unless there is an emergency.”

The governor made his remarks today at a news conference which came a day after former Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Larry Hedlund was fired from his job.

Hedlund’s attorney claims the firing is at least partially related to the agent complaining that Branstad’s vehicle was given a free pass from a speeding ticket last April. Branstad said his office had nothing to do with the firing.

Branstad said the public would get a better picture of what occurred in the Hedlund case if it was allowed to see the report the governor reviewed this morning, but personnel laws prevent it from being made public.

The governor also said that he agrees with Hedlund’s firing.

“Based on what I know, what they did was fair and just,” he said.

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It has been my experience that most people do not like snitches. With that thought ,it is wise that if you are to follow through with that dubiously regaled activity. you should focus the endeavor on something worth losing your job . Somehow I don't think this is the situation that would merit such a penalty. Sometimes we need to temper our egos with common sense. This might be one of those instances


When the Governor Proclaims that he is above the law, There is No Law. This isn't about the Trooper. It's about a Criminal: Someone who breaks the Law.


The Iowa City story was a lot better. It made it OBVIOUS that this guy was fired because of the Branstad thing. An investigation started two days after the incident. Now we have a 500 page investigative report about an officer complaining about a change in report procedure and driving the state car to Cedar Rapids to see a detective. That investigation would have been three pages for anyone else, and NEVER would have resulted in termination of employment. Maybe a few days off without pay, tops.


Justified? The snowman link says the officer had a 25 year career with no prior disciplinary action, then was fired over comments about clerical work just days after the Branstad incident. (I'm sure that was just a coincidence -- not.)

That's justified to you? Interesting.


Troopergate!!!! Adios, Terry!


Really? Still beating this dead drum? I read the story that snowman05 posted a link to. If that part of the story is correct then it looks like it was justified. Maybe he is a disgruntled and whiny DNC member like you? Instead of working on productive matters he (and you) are complaining about a speeding SUV?


Fun to read the Times version of any story, then as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story.

I think they would print, I love Lamp, if it came from the right, or left people.


I'm Larry Hedlund's son in law, and I can assure you he isn't a member of the DNC. He's a hardnosed cop who plays no favorites and can be a thorn in the side of the brass because he speaks his mind and isn't afraid to arrest fellow cops, politicians or whomever he catches breaking the law. He has never had a single disciplinary incident in 25 years of service, but hey, driving the state car on a vacation day he had given up to investigate a cold case is grounds for termination, right? If not, certainly having the cajones to tell his bosses he disagrees with their policy positions is!


Here is a well penned story on this, unlike what we've gotten from the Times.

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