The chances are very good that Gov. Terry Branstad will sign a bill into law this month to allow the use of cannabis oil to treat severe cases of epilepsy.

Branstad told his weekly news conference Monday that he has talked to governors in Alabama and Utah who have signed similar laws and he feels Iowa can move ahead with the targeted approach without fear of “unintended consequences” in giving legal status to an oil derivative of marijuana.

“I think the Legislature was very careful to make sure this is only in an oil form,” he said.

Branstad also noted that the provision will sunset in three years and that the University of Iowa will conduct a review to determine if the oil does have a positive effect on the users.

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“I think it’s important that we respond to legitimate concerns from the public but we also have to protect against unforeseen consequences. I think the legislature in this case has tried to do that. My inclination at this point is to say that I’m inclined to think that it’s likely that I will sign it,” he said.

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