Here is a status report on how some issues fared in the 2013 Legislature’s first funnel deadline:


Reinstate limited death penalty (SF76/SF167)

Ban use of hand-held cellphones while driving (HF412)

Increase state minimum hourly wage to $8.10 next Jan. 1 and $9 on Jan. 1, 2015 (SF334)

Ban smoking in gaming areas of state-licensed casinos (HF411/SF113)

Legalize Internet poker via state-licensed casinos (SSB1068)

Prohibit use of unmanned drone aircraft by state or local law enforcement (HF410/SF276)

Authorize limited gambling on fantasy sports games (HF378)

Ban minors under age 18 from tanning salons (SF248/HF267)

Legalize medical marijuana (SF79/HF22)

Raise speed limit to 60 mph on two-lane primary and hard-surface roads (SF11)

Bar underage sale/ consumption/possession of energy drinks (HF432)

Bar body piercing for minors; require state permits for body piercing businesses (HF450)

Allow the sale of raw milk (HF131)

Restrict county-issued marriage licenses to same-sex couples (HF444)

Bar abortion-causing medication via telemedicine video conferencing (HF173)

Exclude “poppers” and snappers” from fireworks ban (HF249)

Create income tax exemption credit for unborn children; increase overall credits (HF440)

Impose moratorium on issuance of state gambling licenses (SF40)

Abolish no-fault divorce for Iowa couples with children (HF338)

Require drug testing for state assistance recipients (SF147)

Amend Iowa constitution to impose term limits on elected officials (HJR9)

Strike mourning dove hunting season (HF291)

Require safety helmets for motorized bike operators under age 18 years (SF37)

Recognize gold/silver as legal tender (HF346)

Require state lawmakers to pay at least 20 percent of health insurance premium (SF137)

Create office of chancellor to guide state universities under Board of Regents (SF136)

Ban use of traffic enforcement cameras on state and local highways (SF21)

Require hormonal intervention therapy for convicted sex offenders (SF64)

Legalize sale and use of consumer fireworks in Iowa (SF93)

Prohibit permits to drill oil/gas well using hydraulic fracturing (HF128)

Require drug testing for recipients of state assistance (SF147)

Allow eligible employee leave to attend parent-teacher conferences (HF407)

Prohibit nuclear plans from reprocessing spent fuel into weapons-grade material (HF400)

Impose sanctions against parents if their children engage in harassment/ bullying (HF143)

Require labeling to identified genetically engineered food (SF194/HF463)

Include pets under domestic violence protective order (HF286/SF177)

Authorize possession of offensive weapons like machine guns or sawed-off shotguns (HF384)

Amend Iowa constitution to define marriage as only one man and one woman (HJR11/SJR5)

Abolish Iowa Department of Education and state Board of Education (SF336)

Authorize schools to adopt mandatory uniform policy/dress codes (SF56)

Bar regulation of firearms/ammunition during state of public emergency (HF74)

Provide wage protections for workers (SF191)

Establish cause of civil action for woman who underwent an abortion (SF333)

Set five-year repeal for all state rules (SF324)

Create taxpayer-funded education savings vouchers for public and private schools (SF323)

Bar bonus pay for state employees effective July 1 — excluding regent employees (HF379)

Abolish county compensation boards (SF243)

Modify conditions for use of justifiable/reasonable force (SF255)

Require population impact statements on all legislation (HF296)

Ban use of false/secret compartment in motor vehicle (SF228)

Exempt state income tax on active military/reserve/National Guard pay (SF211)

Ban minors under age 18 from tanning salons (SF248/HF267)

Make mental health professionals mandatory reporters of potential serious harm (SF233)

Establish facility to house sex offenders needing medical/personal care (HF206)

Create mandatory life prison term for killing first responder (SF233)

Conduct cost-benefit analysis for new highway rest areas (SF55)

Allow person with permit to carry gun on school grounds (HF169/SF251)

Allow school employees to get permit to carry gun in school (HF172)

Strike tiered corporate income tax and set 6 percent uniform rate (SF260)

Exempt some bars from smoke-free air requirements (SF263)

Amend Iowa constitution to provide home rule for school districts (SJR6)

Amend Iowa Constitution to make House term lengths staggered, four years (SJR2)

Allow bigger motors on boats operating on Lake Macbride (SF124)

Amend Iowa constitution to hold biennial, not annual legislative sessions (SJR3)

Create passing distances for motor vehicles overtaking bicycles (HF151/SF157)

Bar opening vehicle door into moving traffic if not safe (SF164)

Amend Iowa constitution to remove age restriction on state militia (SJR1)

Set criteria for bass fishing tournaments in public waters (SF229)

Amend Iowa constitution to protect right of citizens to bear arms (HJR4/HJR6)

Create state lottery game with proceeds benefitting people with multiple sclerosis (SF26)

Prohibit late-term abortions with certain exceptions (SF45)

Allow state to opt out of unfunded federal health care mandates (SF47)

Authorize interim study of eliminating the Iowa income tax (SR6)

Nullify federal Patient Protection/Affordable Care Act (SF81)

Verify Social Security numbers for applicants for public funded programs (SF175/SF43)

Amend Iowa constitution to establish spending/taxing limitations (HJR2)

Use revenue from traffic cameras to create uninsured vehicle coverage trust fund (SF44)

Waive tuition and fees at state universities for Iowa National Guard members (SF54)

Expand private-sector employee drug testing law (SF68)

Impose constitutional limits on Legislature’s spending/taxing authority (HJR2)

Require electronic monitoring of all juvenile and adult registered sex offenders (SF63)

Eliminate “good time” sentence reductions for inmates convicted of serious sex offense (SF62)

Place moratorium on regulations affecting sale of unprocessed food (SF61)

Protect Iowans from application of foreign laws (HF76)

Bar employers/schools from seeking access to personal Internet accounts (HF127)

Bar labor unions from knowingly collecting dues from illegal immigrants (SF103)

Commit share of state surplus to road/bridge construction (SF5)

Prohibit U.N. “Agenda 21” environmental action plan for sustainable development in Iowa (HF66)

Amend Iowa constitution with “right to life” protection (HJR12)

Require helmets for all motorcycle/motorized bike operators/passengers (HF470)

Create individual/corporate tax credit for contribution to home school grant group (HF464)

Require Board of Regents to publish annual report on overtime pay (HF462)

Establish world language education pilot project (HF437)

Study creation of fourth regent university in Iowa or “regents outpost” (HF436)

Exempt home school students from compulsory ed requirements (SF277)

Adopt abortion restrictions to define a “person” at conception; bar some contraception (HF138)

Bar Iowans from buying foreign-made U.S. flags (HF147)

Create Iowa State Board for Blind and Deaf Education to oversee state’s two special schools (HF145)

Eliminate state authority to waive school start date before Sept. 1 (HF315)

Bar city parking citations for Purple Heart recipients (SF210/

Prohibit employers from knowingly hiring illegal immigrants (HF368)

Allow home-school parent to teach child driver’s education (HF216)