WATERLOO, Iowa  --- A nonprofit organization is offering a reward for an arrest and conviction in an apparent animal cruelty incident in which a dog, starved and half covered with its own feces, was found dead in a pet carrier in the 2700 block of Independence Avenue over the weekend.

An online campaign via Facebook and social media has raised the reward to $1,200, said Diann Helmers of Agape Fosters, a nonprofit pet rescue shelter based in Reinbeck. “It’s probably been ‘shared’ 1,000 times” on Facebook, and social media, Helmers said.

City workers found the dog Saturday morning, Helmers said.

“There’s been some leads come in, but nothing concrete,” Helmers said. “We just want to keep the story out there, keep it alive. Someone has to know. More than one person had to know this. You can’t keep a dog that large hidden. Someone had to hear it. Someone had to see it.”

It’s obvious the dog was held for some time in the pet carrier and died there, Helmers said, given the amount of feces inside.

Helmers said she is working with Waterloo animal control workers on the incident.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Waterloo Animal Control at 291-4440 or e-mail Helmers at alterupet@aol.com

Additional photos of the animal are shared on the Agape Fosters Facebook page, with information on how to contribute to the reward fund via the Paypal online payment system. The incident is also posted on a Facebook page entitled “Do or Die? How’s Your High Kill Shelter Doing?”

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Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers...


how horrific!!! I hope they catch these P.O.S that did that to that to that poor dog. I hope the police make this a priority cause who ever did thid is probably abusing a person and probably another animal.

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