WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is warning Russia there will be costs if Russia intervenes militarily in Ukraine.

Obama says the U.S. is deeply concerned by reports of military movements by Russia inside Ukraine.

He says any violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity would be destabilizing. He says it would violate Russia's commitment to respect Ukraine's borders and would invite global condemnation.

Obama says the U.S. stands with the world community to affirm there will be costs for an intervention.

Obama spoke at the White House late Friday.


WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will deliver a statement about the situation in Ukraine.

The White House says Obama will speak in the briefing room of the White House later today.

Obama's statement comes as his administration is expressing growing concern over Russian intentions in Ukraine. Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a blunt warning Friday to Moscow against military moves in the country's southern Crimea region that could further inflame tensions.

Ukraine's acting President Oleksandr Turchynov has urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop "provocations" in Crimea and pull back military forces from the peninsula.

Turchynov stepped in as president after Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev last weekend.

-- The Associated Press

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Our Sec of State just said Russia wouldn't do this. He talked to them! Ha ha!

I'm so glad to see the flexibility that POTUS talked about in his second term is coming true!

Did Vlad call Barry and just laugh after this? Ask him if this is just like his threat in Syria.

Watch China take Hong King next, and see us just verbally scold them.

Is Harkin heading to the Ukraine to see how great soviet occupation is there too?

Dems on parade.


Barry has "warned" Putin! I laughed myself sick for twenty minutes when I read that! Or what? Is he going to hit Putin with an executive order? It's like sending a twelve year old out to fight the heavyweight champ! And all this just a couple of days after Obama announced our unilateral disarmament! What a joke.


Putin doesn't respect Obama, he could care less what Obama thinks or says. As alot of the Amercian people.

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