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Make no mistake — the Achs home is energy-efficient. A chalk board message in the foyer proclaims it an Energy Star-certified home.

Andy Abeyta

Thumbs up to Iowa Senate for this week authorizing a probe into the workings of Iowa Finance Authority, which has been embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal.

Taxpayers who foot the bill have every right to know how former IFA Director David Jamison operated for so long while, according to a complaint, harassing his female employees in grotesque and demeaning ways.

Only an independent investigation, conducted by an outside firm, can offer answers with any confidence. And answers are what the citizens of Iowa deserve. 

Thumbs down to Iowa Legislature for approving backward legislation that will damage the state's energy efficiency programs.

The bill's GOP supporters argued that it would cut costs for consumers, by slashing state-subsidized efficiency programs. Energy companies tend to heap their additional costs onto consumers, the bill's supporters said.

But, over the long haul, the legislation would lead to a more wasteful Iowa — one that bleeds money out of poorly insulated roofs. At least, that's if Gov. Kim Reynolds opts to sign it.

This is myopia at its finest. 

Thumbs up to James Bohnsack for doing the right thing for Quad-Cities International Airport's long-term viability.

Bohnsack announced this week that he will relinquish his post as airport chairman. For weeks, Bohnsack has been under assault by watchdog groups and Rock Island County Republicans. First, complaints centered on trumped up claims about residency requirements, which were quickly brushed aside by the state's attorney. This time, though, Bohnsack's role on the airport board looked to have run afoul of state law barring any member from a seat on another governmental body. Bohnsack said he intends to seek re-appointment to the Andalusia Fire Protection District board.

Bohnsack could have fought this one to the end. But the second complaint probably put him on shaky legal ground. And, frankly, this entire fiasco was an unnecessary distraction. 


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