Chad Summers, who owns Healthy Harvest Urban Farms with his son, Nieko, stirs up a bowl of homemade coleslaw which features vegan mayonnaise in the store's cafe, which opened a cafe last week. 


Thumbs up to Chad Summers for seeing what he believed to be a problem and working to change it.

Summers transitioned to a strict vegetarian diet because of prolonged illness. The results, he claimed, were striking.

But finding grocers that catered to his lifestyle proved difficult. So, this summer, he changed that.

Healthy Harvest — an expansion of Summers' existing business — is now open in downtown Rock Island. 

Regardless of the efficacy of Summers' medical experience, his food is quality and serves to bolster the offerings throughout the Quad-Cities.

Summers found something in which he believes and invested in it. That takes guts. 

Thumbs down to the barge owned by Rhythm City Casino Resort, which was supposed to out of Davenport months ago.

Keokuk wants it but has run into cost concerns about moving it down river. So, there it sits, empty.

The barge is a major barrier to progress along Davenport's riverfront. And just getting the thing moved is proving almost impossible, to the chagrin of some City Council members. 

It's time for Keokuk and Rhythm City remove this yoke from Davenport's neck. 

Thumbs down to Iowa Senate GOP, which, through disgusting behavior, put state taxpayers on the hook for more than $2 million.

That's what a jury last month awarded former caucus spokeswoman Kirsten Anderson, who claimed she was fired after reporting rampant sexual harassment and gender discrimination. The jury's award was more than Anderson sought. 

State lawyers, this week, petitioned for a new trial.

But either way, the testimony of other aides, supporting Anderson's claims, paints of a picture of a lack of class, respect and professionalism among the Senate's ruling caucus. 


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