Planned Parenthood Bettendorf clinic

A notice is posted in the bathroom at Planned Parenthood of the Heartland's Quad-Cities Health Center in Bettendorf. The Bettendorf clinic closed this summer because of state budget cuts targeting family planning facilities that offer abortion services.

Rebecca F. Miller, The Gazette

Thumbs up to plow truck drivers.

They're up earlier and working late. They toil with budgetary constraints, but the public service is an annual necessity to keep the community functioning.

Not a lot of snow has fallen in the Quad-Cities this year. But, as of Friday morning, forecasters say the region could see up to 6 inches. Add to that some relatively extreme temperatures and keeping the roads clear makes an already thankless job even more difficult.

Thumbs down to fewer medical options for women in the Quad-Cities.

Planned Parenthood closed its doors in Bettendorf Friday after nearly two decades. The closure was a direct result of Iowa Legislature's ridiculous decision this year to defund the organization, which provides gynecological and contraceptive service to women throughout Iowa. 

Abortion, of course, was at the core of the argument. But, for years, not a single public dollar has been spent on an abortion. No, this was about shuttering the facilities altogether, with a complete disregard for the important work being done that isn't abortion related.

Thanks to myopic policy, hundreds of women in the Quad-Cities have fewer options for a safe, welcoming location for treatments ranging from birth control to sexually transmitted diseases.

Thumbs down to 2017.



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