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Public Works Department employee Mishelle Honts uses a leaf blower to remove any remaining particles before filling a pothole on Grand Avenue Thursday.


Thumbs up to to bridge crews, who toil on a cold river at the site of the future I-74 bridge.

Crews recently began pouring concrete for a massive coffer dam that will hold the water at bay so the bridge's permanent towers can be built.

Already, on the Iowa side, the basic outline of the future bridge is taking shape. 

Thumbs down to LeClaire City Council for considering a rezoning initiative that's almost sure to face a court challenge for spot zoning.

This week, the City Council unanimously approved revisions to the city's comprehensive plan and the first of three votes on a proposed rezoning of 3.3 acres downtown. The changes would turn a sliver of residential zone into high-density commercial to accommodate a Kwik Star gas station.

Nearby landowners are furious about the proposal. And, judging from attendance at recent hearings related to the issue, the community in general isn't too hot on the idea. Many opponents cite traffic safety and congestion as primary concerns.

But our gripe is more a matter of principle. Carving out a little chunk of residential land and designating it commercial sure carries more than a whiff of spot zoning, which is illegal in Iowa.

If the zoning overhaul is approved, this issue could easily end up in a protracted court battle.  

Thumbs down to potholes -- teeth-rattling, wheel bending potholes.

It's an annual rite here in the Quad-Cities. The snow melts and suspensions get pummeled. A quick drive on Davenport's Locust Street is bound to leave any driver's back aching.

Sure, the elements eat away at asphalt and concrete in any cold-weather climate. But some of these chasms are downright unsafe and costing a lot of taxpayers for additional service and maintenance.  


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