Christmas giving program

As part of the city of Davenport's Christmas giving program, city employees have been collecting gloves, scarves, socks and hats and placing them on the iron fence outside city hall. Anyone from the public can take items to keep warm during the winter.


Thumbs up to Davenport city employees for a common-sense change to their annual warm clothing drive.

Stroll past City Hall and you will see gloves, hats and socks dangling from the fence near the main entrance. In past years, the clothing collected was hung on a tree inside the building.

But temperatures have plunged the past few weeks and there's no debate about Davenport's problem with homelessness and poverty. The clothes are needed now.

And, thanks to a good idea in City Hall, they're immediately available to anyone who needs them.

Thumbs down to the plodding pace of repairs that will again make Sylvan Island accessible.

Engineers are finalizing repairs of Sylvan Island's footbridge, which Moline fenced off in 2013 after being deemed unsafe.

Crews this week awaited pieces of railing, so hikers couldn't "squeeze" through and fall into the water. 

The caution of the engineers is understandable. The firm and the city would be held liable if something went bad because a railing was incomplete.

That said, one of the Quad-Cities' best outdoor spots has been inaccessible for more than four years. Hopefully, the work finishes sooner rather than later. 

Thumbs up to U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, who this week signed on to a Democrats' bill aimed at stemming sexual harassment on Capitol Hill.

Female lawmakers and staff are refusing to keep quiet now about the behavior of some of their male counterparts. The complaints run the gambit from an poorly thought-out joke to downright assault. 

Those guilty of the most heinous acts, though, have been able to hide behind power and privileged. The Congressional Harassment Reform Act seeks to change that, by eliminating forced mediation, extending protections to interns and ending the secret, taxpayer-funded settlement payouts.


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