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Ladies, be aware when you attend a River Bandits game that you are supporting co-owner Roby Smith. Smith, our Republican state senator, under the cover of darkness, voted on a law to remove women’s rights to make their own health care decisions with the so-called heartbeat bill.

This is not even a thinly veiled assault on the rights of Iowans to make their own choices, it is an all out attack.

Regardless of your views on abortion, why would you continue to allow these few legislators to block your freedom to make your own life decisions? Just how many millions of dollars will we Iowa taxpayers pony up to defend a pretty clearly unconstitutional law?

Ask your neighbor if they think the government, or you, should be peeking into their windows and telling them how to live their lives. Ask your neighbor who needs access to mental health care why our government abandoned them. Ask your neighbor whose children are receiving a diminishing education why their state government is chasing Mississippi to be ranked No. 50. Ask your neighbor why are we copying the fiscal plan of Kansas when Kansas is about $5 billion in debt because of its plan?

There are a few great things happening in the state of Iowa these days, but these are despite our legislature, not because of them.

Ladies and gentlemen: Call, march, write and vote.

Also, ensure that you know the increasingly restrictive voter laws when you do go to vote.

Barb Walsh