Improper vetting in our diversity visa lottery program has allowed terrorists into America and is responsible for dead Americans.

Chain immigration allows immigrants to sponsor family members for admission who can then sponsor other immigrant relatives, and it goes on and on. The lottery program terrorist that ran down New Yorkers with a truck brought 23 relatives here thanks to chain immigration.

Obama illegally created DACA, which was full of corruption and it registered 800,000 illegal immigrants. Thanks to chain immigration, that number will soar to over 4 million more new Democratic voters. DACA immigrants range in age from an average of 24 years to a maximum of 36 years old.

When it came to passing a budget in January, Democrats chose 800,000 illegal aliens over 1.3 million soldiers, 50,000 homeless veterans, 15 million children in poverty, 500,000 homeless Americans, and 9 million children in need of the Children's Health Insurance Program. Democrats care more about illegals than Americans so, when you hear anything about DACA it would be more fitting if you think of it as "Democrats against children of America."

To fix our cheap labor immigration system, it's time to fund the wall. Then defund all sanctuary cities and make e-verify mandatory and enforceable for all employers. Amnesty, chain immigration, and our visa lottery program must also end. Then stop the import of all welfare recipients that are filling up to 60 percent of our government housing, which was meant to house America's low income citizens.

Don Erbst Sr.