I am writing regarding the Sept. 28 Quad-City Times front page article, “Goodbye, Columbus: Holiday gets a new name in Davenport.” The article states that the Davenport City Council acceded to a request of the Quad-City Native American Coalition to call Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples Day.

According to the September article, “Christopher Columbus and Fake History,” in Columbia, the Knights of Columbus magazine, Columbus Day is a national holiday. A poll in 2016 of U.S. citizens expressed a favorable opinion of the explorer and in favor of Columbus Day. The article about fake history goes on to point out many historical points in Columbus’ favor:

• He was a noted explorer

• He introduced Christianity and Western culture in the lands he discovered

• He found the native people to be very intelligent and his relations with them tended to be benign

The original city to change the Columbus Day designation was Berkeley, California. Christopher Columbus was one of the targets of the Ku Klux Klan.

There were more pro than con opinions expressed in the article. I have only picked out a few of the favorable ones. However, back in the 1840s, the above decisions might have been considered anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant propaganda, of course that would have been fake news.

Instead of putting down a famous explorer and devoted Christian by usurping his holiday, why did they not simply pick a day and ask for it to be their Indigenous Day?

Joe Rosenthal