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I, for one, have to admire the faith of our Iowa Republican legislators. They obviously still believe that big tax cuts for the wealthy, they call “job creators,” will trickle down to the rest of us. Their faith is so strong, they are willing to risk more budget shortfalls; and further cuts to education, to human services, and even our court system to try it one more time.

These same legislators fervently believe that just saying no to abortion will save countless babies, in spite of a long historical record proving otherwise.

Supporters of these Republican tenets often paint women faced with difficult choices as irresponsible and label their children as “consequences.” My faith in common sense and mercy tell me four things. The women in question likely are already lacking in resources and viable options. The potential for diminished revenue-caused school, safety net and justice system failures does not bode well for those innocent children, some call “consequences.” Their misfortunes will damage society as a whole. And fourth, we all need to see this election year as an opportunity to give all our children a faith tempered with common sense legislature.

Please vote like the quality of our children’s lives depended on it. I, for one, strongly believe it does.

Sue Griswold