We commend Quad-City American Red Cross and Air National Guard personnel that have helped in the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. Here's another feather in the QCA's hurricane relief cap:

Last week, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) activated our QCA based 41st Iowa Composite Civil Air Patrol (CAP) squadron. We sent an all-volunteer air emergency response team to help the Houston, Texas relief effort using our Davenport Municipal Airport based CAP / U.S. Air Force aircraft. After almost 40 hours in the air, 300 gallons of fuel, and 16,000 precision, high-resolution GPS enabled aerial photographs of hurricane damaged neighborhoods, farms and public infrastructure later- our air crew returned home.

Our QCA-based teams and other CAP support teams on the ground near Houston took personal time off from work to render this entirely unpaid community/national service, in addition to all their time donated in training, earning qualifications and related preparedness, similar to highly trained reserve forces or volunteer firefighters.

It has been CAP's honor to provide all volunteer emergency services teams and cadet/youth leadership/aerospace education programs these many decades. While it will only cost you money, no matter your age you'll get more than money can buy in return if you want to join or support us. First hurricane Harvey, and now Irma in Florida: We could use your help.

Harry G. Coin


Editor’s note: Coin is spokesman, 41st Iowa Composite Squadron, CAP officer