When I met Mr. Clewell, his humble confidence was notable right away. After a while into the interview, I noted that he was also a kind and compassionate being, who cared tremendously about children. Davenport residents must know him well for his dedication to the Davenport School Board to make sure the children of Davenport received all the state support they needed and deserved just as children in other cities. I

I was glad to hear that he was running for Davenport City Council from Ward 6. Had I been a resident of Davenport, I would have voted for him without any hesitation for the following reasons:

He is a person, who cares about all human beings not only those who might serve his interests well. He is a person who cares about children, who are not able to vote for him, knowing that the future of any nation, state or city lies in how they treat and how much they invest in their children. He is a person, who understands that to create a vibrant community, it is now that the residents must invest in their future for higher paying jobs, high quality childcare, collaboration with public schools and private universities. He understands this is the only way to capitalize on the outstanding educational opportunities in his community. He is a worldly person, who sees value in the arts and culture and is curious about how to integrate the museums, RME, and downtown arts corridor in his city.

I trust, coming from a background with longtime experience on the school board, Mr. Clewell well recognizes the needs of our schools, our children, and their families.

Vote for Rich Clewell for Davenport City Council Ward 6.

Resmiye Oral M.D.

Iowa City