If you live in Davenport's 6th Ward, you should vote in the primary, and I encourage you to vote for Rich Clewell.

Rich’s character is above reproach. He is always going to vote for what is right and best. He will not make votes based on politics.

Rich wants to help our community further develop all amenities, especially to make sure that we embrace and value all members of our community, and that young families find this a great place to stay and raise families. Rich understands the importance of economic development and will work tirelessly to assure that we do whatever we can to encourage and invite appropriate businesses to our great city. Rich understands the challenges that government imposes on small businesses, and will work to try to make sure that these regulations are not so onerous. Rich does support all small business, including farmers. He wants to help reduce all ridiculous government regulations that hamper and destroy small businesses and farmers.

I’ve worked closely with Rich for the past 12 years on the Davenport School board. He is always well prepared and thoughtful. His experiences have well prepared him to advocate for the right people, for the right reasons, to influence the right politicians.

Rich has spent the past 12 years working on equality for all Iowa students; trying to convince our legislature and governor that fairness, equality, and equity are important values that affect every person in the state. He has worked tirelessly to help ensure that we give appropriate attention to all early childhood kids and families, so that they have the right start.

Rich would be great for Davenport.

Ralph Johanson


Editor's note: Johanson is president of Davenport Community School District's board.