As a concerned resident and parent to children in the Bettendorf Community School District, I am questioning the team candidacy of Pepper Trahan and Maxine McEnany.

For those that are unaware or may have forgotten, candidate McEnany entered into a separation agreement with the Bettendorf Community School District in January. One would think that she would want to distance herself from the situation. I find it troubling that she feels it is ethical to potentially become a member of the very board of directors that entered into this agreement with her, with the exception of Directors Justis and Tinsman who are not running again. With this clearly defined conflict of interest, one cannot help but question her motives for wanting to be a part of the board.

Furthermore, I am questioning decision-making being demonstrated by candidate Trahan for supporting this conflict. She is either unable or unwilling to see it, either way that is unacceptable. Are these two individuals going to act with the best interests of all of the students and residents in mind?

Please ask yourself before casting your vote if you want board members who will move our district in a positive manner, or those who bring conflict. There are five other candidates that certainly provide a new positive outlook.

Jason Mathews