I abhor the clandestine method in which Congress is conducting the revisions to the tax code, as though any public input were something to be feared. The little interpretation of the changes that leak out are distressing to me.

To wit:

  • Tax increases are being levied on those least able to afford them; tax reductions being given to those most prosperous and benefiting of the opportunities this country has afforded them.
  • The national debt is an embarrassment. It is not the legacy we should be leaving our children and grandchildren. In this period of prosperity we should be paying it down, not increasing it.

Our economic projections are predicated too much on a growing economy. When our birth rate is barely able to sustain our present numbers, we need an economic approach that is sustainable in a stable population. Japan, for one, is a country that has faced this reality for several years, and maintaining a stable economy has been a challenge for it. We need to develop a new paradigm to get away from the reliance on growth to sustain our economic order. Fresh ideas are needed here.

With the Trump presidency, we need the legislative branch of our government to be a strong, truthful negotiating body focused on the welfare of our country, rather than on party politics. Perhaps we need to mix up the chairs to enable the members to hear what the other has to say.

Richard Werner