What is happening to journalism? As a teacher, I taught students the five "Ws" in covering a real event. This is an expectation for good journalism.

Some talk about fake news and biased news. As an eyewitness to live television and watching the State of the Union Address, I looked forward to the Quad-City Times' coverage. I was disappointed. The Times had a picture, and the front page coverage had one point that they could find a problem with. I was beginning to see proof of incomplete and biased news.

The article covered Rep. Kennedy’s speech. Instead of responding to the SOTU, Kennedy gave the Democrat side of politics.

Not until Friday, Feb. 2, was there any semblance of coverage of the SOTU and that was on the Opinion page with columns written by Cal Thomas and Dana Milbank.

I found the president’s speech positive — calling for unity — and well organized. He stated accomplishments with facts for backup. American heroes were acknowledged. Future plans were presented with factual reasons. Because the speech was to the point and well organized, it should have been easy to cover.

CNN polls of those watching the address concluded that 70 percent found the address positive and 22 percent found it negative. CBS polls had 75 percent approval and 25 percent negative responses. In the CNN poll, 62 percent of viewers thought that the president would move our country in the right direction.

The Times' coverage was a disappointment and makes me wonder, “What is happening in journalism?”

Nancy Wagoner

Maquoketa, Iowa