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Most citizens are not members of the armed forces or police departments. They do not need high-caliber weapons or handguns, let alone huge magazines of powerful ammunition that can tear a body's organs to pieces. Why are citizens allowed to purchase these things, carry them, and threaten the common good with their presence everywhere? The interpretation of the Second Amendment currently upheld is profiting the gun manufacturers for sure. But the majority of people are not profiting, and that includes our children.

“Life” is a fundamental right in this country. Let’s focus on that.

If children are truly our priority in this country, we need a peaceful environment for their families and them to grow up in, one without hundreds of thousands of individuals marching around with concealed guns of every kind.

If enough folks decide to do something about our current situation of too many arms and too few regulations, we will succeed in spite of the National Rifle Association and frightened legislators. Work for and value peace and a peaceful society.

Google, write and call your legislators as often as you can and remember to vote for responsible candidates who will protect the common good.

Rita Coyne