"He won't buy the cow if the milk's free." Mothers have told daughters that adage for ages. Meaning, "Don't surrender your virtue unless you're receiving a ring." Otherwise, you'll find yourself used and abandoned.

These past weeks, we've seen Democrats willing to "go to the mat" for the "dreamers." The expenditure of political capital, up to and including a shutdown of the government, is nearly unprecedented. It seems protecting illegal aliens, and their sanctuary cities is the Democrats' number one goal.

As a bitter, clingy, white guy, I expect nothing from Democrats. They've written off the "deplorable" vote, content as long as the unions continue to send them our money.

I'd ask African-American citizens these questions: When have Democrats ever gone to these lengths to promote legislation to help your community? What jobs program, inner-city modernization, or educational opportunity have they really pushed? Where's the progress?

Look at Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel's more concerned about remaining a sanctuary for illegals than he is about the 650 dead bodies on the southwest side. Why?

That answer's simple. Democrats already have your "milk." African-Americans consistently vote over 90 percent Democrat, Hispanics less than 70 percent. Courting Hispanic voters has a bigger upside.

Black people have given their votes to democrats like a girl giving her virginity to a charming "player." 

Hispanic voters, America's fastest growing bloc, haven't "given it up" yet. Democrats are wining and dining them.

Can you blame them?

Eugene Mattecheck Jr.