I’ve been a homeowner near Northwest Park for six years. More has been accomplished in the last two years with Davenport 2nd Ward Alderwoman Maria Dickmann than in the four years prior.

The neighborhood repeatedly shared concerns of unsafe traffic on Pacific Street because of poor sightlines (a child was hit by a car while crossing) and nothing was done until Maria got us no parking signs on one side of the street. Neighbors on 36th Street complained of speeding for decades. Maria got us a speed indicator and will address the issue further if needed.

We’ve been begging for lights around the park due to criminal activity and were turned down. My wife has emailed photos of drug paraphernalia left around the playground. People dealt drugs right in front of us or parked in front of our houses to deal on the bike path. Maria made sure lights were installed and those cars have not been back since.

Some of our roads were more patch than original road, but we were told those roads were not high priority. Maria made us a priority and our roads have been resurfaced. Neighbors have documented contacts with the city regarding drainage issues going back a decade. It caused so much damage to a neighbor’s foundation he can’t open his back door. Maria addressed this issue, ensuring proper drainage through three yards and two flooded areas in the street.

I trust Maria Dickmann to stand by her word because she has proven herself time and time again.

Chris Geest