A dictator is someone who has absolute power or who at least behaves as if they do.

In government, a dictator is a ruler who has total control over a country, with no checks and balances to prevent abuse of power.

A dictator is a ruler who thinks only about self and absolute power and rules without listening to other opinions.

A dictator surrounds himself with “yes-men,” family and close friends. Disagree with him and you get fired or you disappear.

President Thomas Jefferson once said, “When the speech condemns the free press, you are hearing the words of a tyrant.” Dictators call the news organizations fake news and eventually gain control of the press.

A dictator is very masterful at lying and can look into the camera and do so without the blink of an eye. What is really scary is that there will be a lot of people who defend him. What happened to their morals? Why would these people sell their soul just to get a high ranking job?

Let us all pray that our checks and balances work and that we have a few honest men and women left to prove that no one is above the law. Our very freedom depends on them.

Ron Bebout

Colona, Illinois