I truly admire younger people. They are backing up their beliefs with actions. For example:

  • They support wind and solar energy and even buy battery cars so they will not pollute the air with greenhouse gases.
  • They clip plastic rings and support groups that clean up and fight pollution of the rivers and seas.
  • They are fervent about recycling so they will not fill up landfills and pollute the earth.

This fighting pollution is a lofty and important goal. However, sadly, I have observed other places where they are still polluting. 

Why do they eat vast amounts of fast foods, prepared foods and sugars, and thus pollute their own bodies? Why do they we continue to smoke and pollute our lungs and hearts? Why do they consume alcohol, marijuana and hallucinatory drugs and by doing so pollute their own minds? 

They (and we) would not have mercury and lead in the home, yet alcohol, THC and opioids sit in the cupboards, the coffee table or the medicine cabinet.

Let’s stop pollution. Let’s save our earth, our bodies, our minds, and our children.

Steve Garrington