I am offended by Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley’s, R-Iowa, referral to have the U.S. Justice Department investigate ex-British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, of the Steele dossier.

Where is the man who for decades claimed to be protecting whistleblowers? What happened? I know what happened – in a craven attempt to appease the ‘twitter-in-chief’ occupant of the White House, he’s going after the man who was the canary in the coal mine about the true character of our ‘fearless leader.’

Do your job Sen. Grassley – do not be a doormat for the most mentally unfit person ever elected to the office of president. Stand up for your country, not the Russians. I can hope, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be disappointed. Our senior senator has lost his mind, along with any semblance of a moral compass. Unfortunately, he’s only one accomplice in the hijacking of our democracy. He’s joined by U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, and the GOP Congress; the same people who ‘had to win’ the Senate race in Alabama by supporting an alleged child molester. What a profile in courage.

How about putting your country above party? Unfortunately that’s a foreign concept to Sens. Grassley and Ernst.

Tom Engelmann