IPERS payments by county

Source: IPERS


If you are one of the 350,000 Iowans who are relying on IPERS for your retirement, you need to act now. The Republican majority in the Iowa Legislature is planning to again ram through legislation to take away the retirement you have paid for. Tell them "hands off my IPERS."

You can contact Charles Schneider, Senate Majority Whip, at 515-554-3213.

IPERS is one of the best state retirement systems in the country, but Republicans want to bring in an out-of-state interest group to "evaluate" it. This group is funded by the Koch brothers, and their handbook says they believe in transferring retirement systems to a private company in which contributors will lose benefits.

If IPERS members want to stop the Republicans from ramming through bad legislation like they did with collective bargaining last session, they need to contact their local representatives and Charles Schneider.

Marilyn Schroeder

Bellevue, Iowa