I grew up in Davenport. I went to Garfield Elementary, Sudlow Junior High and the old lady, Davenport Central High School. I was well prepared for college at the University of Iowa. I graduated from Central in 1976. Because of a bold teacher, I had computer skills. And because of another, I had science skills. And years later in life, I realized that I had been taught literary skills.

But today, the Davenport school system only has a few schools that make it into the upper half. And most are barely above the bottom third. For a city to not burn down and get lost in the dust, it needs to help as much as possible the young people who live there.

So what happened? These are not long-term investments that can get lost. Investment in education pays off in many ways: personal pride, increased community value, increased financial value in the community, decreased crime.

It's easy to elect people that promise to solve the problem of the day. But you really need people that will resolve the problem in the future.

Jordan Archer

San Jose, California