For the ruler of the greatest democracy to consider anyone displaying unhappiness with what he is saying to be unpatriotic and possibly committing treason causes me great concern.

We are a democracy and the Constitution allows freedom of speech, and freedom of expression comes under this protection per interpretation by the Supreme Court. This is not how the president should consider citizens who disagree with him.

Rulers like Caesar, Stalin, Putin, Hitler smf Idi Amin are not what this country needs, wants or condones. The many acts he has taken, and his tweets, are alarming, but for him to now consider it treason if we do not stand up and applaud him should be cause for someone to take action. He needs a reality check.

Just because he is a billionaire and all his underlings bow and scrape does not mean that as an elected official the American people have to defer to him in the same way. How far must he go before the country as a whole becomes alarmed and action is taken?

Sharon Tank