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Plain and simple, Iowa’s mental health system does not have the support it needs, and is failing to serve the people of our state.

Iowa demands new leadership to restore treatment and care to Iowans suffering from a mental illness — that’s why I support Fred Hubbell to be Iowa’s next governor. Fred is a committed fighter who will work day-in and day-out to expand mental health services across Iowa, so that every Iowan has local access to the treatment they need.

Fred will be a breath of fresh air for Iowa’s mental health community. Under the Reynolds and Branstad administrations, Iowa has faced a status-quo of dereliction, under-funding, and failure to prioritize the crisis. But for Fred, his commitment to revamping Iowa’s mental health services begins with a simple philosophy: Iowa must put its people first. This means investing in and elevating the need for more mental health programs, more psychological professionals, and more beds to care for those in need.

From the disastrous privatization of Medicaid, to the closing of mental health facilities, to the inhumane relegation of the mentally ill into long-term jail and prison sentences, Iowa can and must do better, and that’s exactly why we need Fred Hubbell as governor.

Derek Schroeder

Goose Lake, Iowa