In a recent letter to the editor, I asked voters a rhetorical question, "What have you got to lose?"

Last November, Americans defied the political, social and cultural establishment by selecting Donald Trump for President. The elites are still in shock over that election and their degree of fear and loathing is apparent every day. Citizens decided to take back their country against the entrenched elites.

Let’s take back Illinois. Democrats (and some Republicans) voted to override Gov. Rauner’s budget veto, resulting in personal and business tax increases. Political clout and cronyism count for more than what is good for the state and its citizens. This amounts to moral, as well as political, decay.

Take control from those who covet it at any cost. Remove power from Democrats and their unholy alliance with public unions, that together have over-promised, misled and mismanaged state pension funds (a financial time bomb), the state bureaucracy, academia, a gerrymandering judiciary, media and, yes, some Republicans.

In 2010, Illinois ranked 5th in United States population. Thousands of citizens and businesses have since fled, leaving the rest of us to shoulder higher taxes while an entrenched political establishment retains power at any cost.

Please don’t stay home on Election Day. Do in Illinois what American voters did last November. Cross party lines so we can start draining the swamp in Springfield, like we are doing in Washington, D.C.

Yes, Illinois citizens. You have nothing to lose when you choose to make Illinois great again.

Jeffrey H. Rice

Rock Island