Here's an alternate perspective to a recent letter to the editor, "Health care or tax cuts." The author wants to see healthy, young people compelled to buy overpriced health insurance they don't want or need, so he can get insurance at a below-market price.

The letter references 13 million as the number of people who will lose coverage. These are not people losing coverage; these are people who will no longer be forced to subsidize his personal insurance premiums.

He uses all the correct buzzwords: "sabotage health care, corporations and the 1 percent, and tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.” We've never heard those before. Originality is not a hallmark of the left.

He also mentions cynicism. I'm a bit of a cynic myself, yet always willing to admit when I'm wrong. I'll proffer this: I'd be happy to exchange a crisp, new $100 bill for a copy of a similar letter, penned by the author when he was 25-years-old.

I'm sure many would like to see if, as a young man, the author was imploring the government to force him to purchase insurance policies to subsidize my late grandparents and their health care costs. Here's the irony: The idea that he could be the greedy one never passed through his mind.

Show me I'm wrong and I will use my next letter to admit my error, apologize for my cynicism, and extol the writer's virtuous nature.

Eugene Mattecheck Jr.