The Quad-City Times features opinion writers who are beyond irrational; from Dana Milbank, to Froma Harrop, to its own Jon Alexander. Dana Milbank’s column on his assessment of the questionable mental capacity of Trump’s doctor could easily have been written by the Quad-City Times opinion staff. I watched in utter astonishment the questions from the press to Dr. Jackson about Trump’s physical and mental assessment. They were beside themselves with disbelief.

Froma Harrop mistakenly thinks President Obama is responsible for this phenomenal one-year growth in the economy. Jon Alexander thinks trickle down is a myth. Hundreds of companies have announced expansions and many have given out significant bonuses to employees since President Trump rolled back the strangulating regulations on businesses that President Obama put in place. The far left economist, Paul Krugman predicted a stock market crash and a tanking economy when President Trump was elected. Still waiting, Paul. Our economy is moving at a 2.6 percent clip.

Over 90 percent of the media report negatively about Trump. The Quad-City Times opinion staff report a little more negatively than that. I’ve never seen a newspaper have such contempt for an alternative opinion. 

Linda Dudgeon