As a retired employee of the Bettendorf Community School District of 19 years, I feel a strong need to address the issue of the upcoming school board election.

Working closely with board members over the years, I have seen the hard work and consideration given to the many issues that a governing board must take on. However, the past few years have been laced with dissension, distrust and personal agendas. There is a line between governing and micromanagement and a few of the current board members have crossed it.

Administrators and staff should be allowed to do the jobs for which they were hired, bringing years of experience and training to the task. There is also something very wrong with board governance when staff, parents and community members are asked for input, do research about issues like class size and facility planning, only to have that input disregarded.

Tutoring and helping needy students is a wonderful thing, but board members need to remember they are not being elected or re-elected for their good works as a volunteer. They are being asked to do their jobs as board members – to be fair-minded, represent all students, work collaboratively, trust and encourage their staff, and make forward-looking plans for the future of the children of this district.

To that end, I endorse candidates Adam Holland, Andrew Champion, and Richard Lynch in order to move the district past a period of discord into one of collaboration and excellence.

Nancy Herrin

Long Grove