I am only one small voice in America. I do not represent anyone, for I speak solely for myself.

Mass murder has become commonplace in our country with our latest being in Sutherland Springs, Texas, resulting in 26 people dead and numerous injured including an innocent five year-old boy with five bullets piercing into his small body. Enough is enough. It is past time to speak out. We need real solutions.

Pure logic tells me that we can reduce the risk of such carnage by banning assault weapons from the civilian population. These weapons are designed for the battlefield only; not in a school, not on a playground, not in a hotel, and not in a house of worship.

We also need to be thinking about making it illegal to own an assault weapon; if we choose to do nothing, who will be our next victims? Your child, mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, grandparents, or maybe even you or me?

No one is safe.

Karen Laake