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The Chicago Tribune reported that there were 39,800 abortions in 2015 and 38,400 in 2016 in Illinois. That's a mountain of dead, preborn babies in Illinois over two years. Illinois women come to Iowa for abortions, too.

Iowa Department of Public Health Termination of Pregnancy Reports list 3,980 in 2015 and 3,719 in 2016 also a mountain. One is too many.

Planned Parenthood’s annual report listed 323,994 in 2015 and 328,348 in 2016. Total 652,347, a mountain.

Our federal government gave Planned Parenthood $553.7 million in 2015 and $554.6 million in 2016. A total of more than $1 billion. A mountain of our tax money.

Why would the government legislate and fund the direct killing of its own citizens? To what good, and what purpose and intent, we must ask, does the government subscribe to this action?

Why is “death in the womb” a value to the government, or to businesses large and small?

What can we do about this? Jesus Christ gave us the answer. He told us to speak to the mountain. He instructed us to articulate a miracle, to say, “Mountains be removed and cast into the sea.” He was showing us how to speak a miracle into existence.

Donna Holman

Keokuk, Iowa