Palmer College of Chiropractic is a world-renowned institution that trains people from around the world to care for patients with a unique and effective health care practice that was invented in our hometown. It is also one of the most racially and culturally diverse places in the Quad-Cities.

As Quad-Citians, we should be proud that Palmer is in our midst. We should be celebrating that they want to invest and expand in Davenport. They not only train students who provide health care around the world, they provide care for us through their clinic.

Equally important are the 80-100 residents that might be displaced by Palmer’s expansion. We are blessed in the Quad-Cities to have dozens of nonprofits that are devoted to work on housing and homeless issues. The list is too long to describe here.

The obvious solution is to engage these nonprofits to work with those who might be displaced. Make sure that no one is left unattended. Strive to ensure that everyone has access to safe, decent and affordable housing.

To suggest that Palmer is solely responsible for our housing issues is to ignore social and economic factors that are pervasive in our country. The key here is to get everyone working together. I am confident that we have people in city hall who are up to this leadership challenge.

Dan R. Ebener