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It's sad when you see these teenagers going around looking for cars with the keys left in the ignition for a joy ride.

Somebody is going to get badly hurt or even killed. Yes, it is wrong for these kids to steal cars or anything. The problem is they don't fear God or the police officers who are enforcing the law. Why should they when they know a few hours later they will be back on the street?

What is going to happen if on the way home they see a car running with the keys in, and they take it and get chased by the police and they kill themselves and a family of four. Who is going to be responsible? They teenagers, the police officers chasing them, the person who left the car running with the keys in or the parents?

I only write to make people think. I also have seen cars left with the engine running with a baby or toddler on the backseat.

Yes, I have warned the parent what could happen if someone stole her car. If a person is on drugs he won't know who is on the backseat.

Another thing that is sad to see is when you see a baby in the backseat and one or both parents smoking with the windows rolled up. And they wonder how many kids and adults end up with lung diseases.

Oscar Perez