As a non-practicing educator and parent of Bettendorf students, I have kept my teaching licenses current to maintain relevancy with educational trends. This has enabled me as a leader in the community and as a volunteer in roles in and outside of the district.

I served on numerous district committees, as well as on the Bettendorf Foundation for nine years. I attended school board meetings regularly for the last four years. I have advocated for others to get involved by joining committees, volunteering, attending meetings or reading district and board information. Why? Because I believe in our children and community’s worth and feel we all must do our due diligence to create the best learning environment for professionals and students.

So how does the Bettendorf Community School District move forward? I believe it is crucial to elect candidates that offer fresh perspectives and skill sets that will help our district regain the respect of the community. We need candidates who clearly understand their role as a board member; candidates who demonstrate professionalism by actively providing guidance, input, and most of all, support to the professionals hired to lead our district.

However, if we continue with the same behaviors and perspectives that has impeded progress, it will keep the brakes on progress and maintain the status quo. It is time to release the brake and press the accelerator forward by supporting new candidates. School board candidates Andrew Champion, Adam Holland and Richard Lynch will drive us in a positive direction together. Vote Sept. 12.

Amy McClure Swearingen